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Our Solutions


Fundraising & Feasibility

A capital campaign is a major undertaking, requiring meticulous planning and an immense commitment of time and effort. A campaign undertaken without a clear assessment of the need, ability, and willingness through a feasibility study is a campaign in jeopardy, particularly for volunteer-led organizations. A partnership with Pennington & Company can substantially impact your success

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Alumni Engagement & Communication

A successful fraternity or sorority chapter depends upon a strong and engaged alumni organization. Professionally designed and produced alumni communication materials are a major component of your comprehensive alumni relations program. Our award-winning program comprises key elements necessary to develop and sustain your organization.

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Websites & Member Management

Communication today depends upon delivering information multiple times in many different ways to reach the maximum number of people in your organization and optimize your message. Our website platform is designed to meet your electronic communication needs through updated articles featuring alumni and chapter successes, an ongoing event calendar, a searchable alumni directory, and email blasts. We also keep your alumni/ae database current, user-friendly, and seamless.

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What Our Clients Say

Mississippi Theta has exceeded our original fundraising goal because respected alumni leaders got involved, rolled up their sleeves, and are passionate for our success. Pennington was absolutely critical to this success. What is amazing is that we broke ground on construction within almost 20 months of engaging Pennington; no one outside of the original committee thought that would be possible, but we stayed focused, organized, and accountable to each other thanks to the guidance received from the Pennington team. ”

STEPHEN FARR - Campaign Chairman
Sigma Alpha Epsilon - Mississippi State University 
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