The Alpha Chi Omega chapter house at the University of Georgia—built in 1957, last renovated and expanded in the late ’60s/early ’70s—has been a fundamental piece of Beta Sigma’s identity for 61 years. With more and more women going through recruitment each year their house can no longer accommodate growing numbers. The limited space creates challenges in hosting chapter meetings, providing areas to study, and is in desperate need of an update to keep up with these modern times. The Alpha Chi Omega National Housing Corporation and Beta Sigma Chapter have put much thought into how they should rectify this issue, and through careful study, assessment, and planning, they determined that expanding and renovating the chapter house is necessary. Working with Hug & Associates Architects they have developed a tactical approach to their future.



Basement Plan

  • Chapter Room: Space to seat 239 members and host events and functions
  • Executive Conference Room: Group study space featuring a conference table ideal for small group meetings
  • Elevator: Ensuring the house is ADA compliant

AXO GA Study Room

Main Level Plan

  • Dining Room: Comfortably seat 160 members for chapter meals
  • Kitchen: Restaurant-caliber kitchen designed to adequately serve growing membership, including weekend access area and a double serving line
  • Covered Porch: Outdoor space to accommodate for the loss of the back porch from the expansion
  • Informal Study: Additional common and study space for socializing and studying with sisters

AXO GA Addition

Second Level Plan

  • Bedrooms: Increase from 66 to 71 bed spaces
  • Bathrooms: Renovate with space for members to store items
  • Social Lounge: Common lounge space featuring a butler’s pantry

AXO GA Bedroom