Our chapter house is in poor condition. Multiple systems are failing. Roofing, brick, exterior joints and windows are in such bad shape that the integrity of the building is threatened. Plumbing and fire sprinkler systems fail regularly, leading to flooding and damage of floors and walls. The electrical system is overtaxed and the heating system, which was old in the 1960s, is barely functioning. Bathrooms fail regularly. Repairs cost more than $100,000 annually while the building continues to deteriorate. A successful fraternity fundraising campaign is needed to generate capital for the ambitious renovation project at Alpha Delta Phi.

After completing thorough research and due diligence our building committee, consisting of Washington Chapter alumni from four decades, concludes that spending $3 million will likely get the facility back into code compliance but will not solve the long-term functional problems with the facility. Highlights of the plan include:

  • House capacity of 99 members

  • Large chapter room

  • Logos hall for lectures & collaboration

  • Library

  • Living room

  • Larger kitchen and dining room

  • Enclosed landscaping

  • Larger bathrooms

  • Sleeping porch

  • Rooftop social area

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