Second Campaign Raised to Date $2,084,990
Highlights coming soon

First Campaign Raised $900,657

The Kansas State University chapter of the Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity, to remain competitive on Kansas State’s campus, raised more than $900,000 in a fraternity fundraising campaign for renovation of their nearly 50-year-old chapter house in which they:

  • Created a large library and adjoining computer room with Internet and University system access

  • Upgraded air conditioning, heating, and plumbing systems

  • Installed sprinklers and fire-rated, self-closing doors

  • Expanded their dining room to seat 96 people

  • Installed a new kitchen pantry

  • Added a new breakfast room

  • Relocated the game and TV rooms

  • Installed an elevator for enhanced accessibility

  • Created new two, three, and four-man private study rooms

  • Refurbished sleeping dorms

  • Created four-man apartments with attached sleeping dorms

  • Updated housemother’s suite

  • Redecorated living room

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