The Alpha Phi chapter at the University of California at Los Angeles developed a renovation plan and conducted a sorority fundraising effort to meet current and future members’ needs without compromising the character and beauty of their historic house. They also needed to meet city regulations for electrical wiring, safety, and code requirements. Raising over half a million dollars, they:

  • Replaced air-conditioning and heating systems

  • Installed fire sprinklers

  • Upgraded plumbing

  • Added new bathrooms

  • Remodeled interior (furniture, window treatments)

  • Replaced carpeting, paint, and trim throughout the house

  • Added new casework and storage areas

  • Improved the foyer

  • Improved the entryway with new retaining walls and pavement

  • Repaired foundation and structure

  • Replaced the house’s roof, insulation, and weatherproofing

  • Improved house lanai

  • Replaced skylights

  • Enlarged closets

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