Primary Sentence 

Built in 1920, Alpha Sigma Phi’s Old Gal chapter house has been a part of Mu Chapter’s legacy for 95 years at the University of Washington, and is showing her age. It became clear that they must make a major investment in the chapter house to remain competitive and provide a quality living environment. Their fraternity fundraising plan will:

 • Replace entire electrical system, including lighting

• Upgrade house wi-fi system

• Repair or replace exterior plaster walls

• Replace heating system

• Install fire suppression

• Install interior earthquake shear wall and exterior wall/floor connections

• Replace main house roofing and sheathing for seismic upgrade

• Replace and repair gutter and architectural ornamentation

• Replace or repair trim and railing at the deck over the columns

• Replace exterior windows

• Repair front door trim

• Repair concrete columns

• Replace fire escape

• Upgrade front door accessibility

• Replace or repair exterior footing drains, sidewalks, and stairs

• Refinish hardwood flooring and replace all carpet

• Remodel kitchen

• Add new toilet at third floor closet

• Replace interior doors

• Replace interior lath and plaster

• Redesign sleeping rooms to incorporate education space

• Replace plumbing system and rebuild upper floor bathrooms

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