The Phi Delta alumnae and undergraduate leadership has developed a solid plan to address the long-term viability of the sorority experience on the Mississippi State University campus. Through careful study, assessment, and planning, it has been determined that updates and maintenance to the chapter house are necessary, and through sorority engagement and fundraising  the invested in their home to meet the needs of today’s students. Working with Pryor & Morrow Architects, the House Corporation has developed a tactical approach to their future. Upgrades include:

  • The chapter room will accommodate the entire membership

  • The addition of prop and banner work space

  • The addition of ample store for materials, costumes, and spirit materials

  • A large dining room that will seat entire membership and an updated, state-of-the art kitchen

  • A central courtyard and covered porches

  • A formal living room, library, and casual den

  • Expanded house director suite

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