Alpha Omicron of Chi Psi Corporation has engaged the services of Design Develop, a Charlottesville-based architecture and design firm, to pursue a plan that will address the long-term viability of the Lodge. The Corporation is committed to ensure that the transition to a new Lodge will serve the best interests of the brotherhood. Thanks to a successful capital fundraising campaign, the improvements will include:

  • The creation of a living/learning environment for members

  • Increase square footage from 4,270 sq. ft. to 6,241 sq. ft. for an increase of 46% square footage

  • Provide furnishings, including desks, beds, tables, chairs, couches, and TVs

  • Increase occupancy to house 13 members

  • Overhaul landscaping to improve exterior aesthetics

  • Added on materials illustrated in gray will complement existing brick at the time of construction

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