The Gamma Iota alumnae and undergraduate leadership have developed a solid plan to address the long-term viability of the Delta Gamma experience on the DePauw campus. Delta Gammas must invest in their home to meet the needs of today’s students and guarantee an enduring legacy. Gamma Iota’s chapter house was built in 1958; it has been part of Gamma Iota’s legacy for more than 60 years. The renovation will bring their home up to date while also meeting the everyday needs of the active membership.




  • Bathrooms, shower rooms and dressing areas on second and third floors
  • Galley kitchen reconfiguration/addition on first floor
  • First-floor utility closet reconfiguration
  • First-floor phone room flooring/mail cubbies and storage
  • Kitchen equipment and kitchen flooring
  • Fire suppression sprinkler system in attic
  • Anticipated boiler replacement within the next five years
  • Upgrade water heating system/repair sump/drainage system
  • Replacement of Mitsubishi cooling/heating unit systems on second and third floors
  • Air-conditioning system for first floor, basement
  • New beds and mattresses in second and third floor cold dorms
  • New furniture in the undergraduate rooms that fits current space/usage needs
  • New flooring in all student rooms
  • Replacement of all doors to rooms with beds with self closures
  • Basement bathroom remodel
  • Replacement of mattress and update furnishings in first floor guest/visitor room
  • Dining and formal flooring replacement



  • Install yard/plant bed sprinkler system
  • Installation of privacy fence in backyard/alley to minimize loss of Spruce trees
  • Replacement of exterior landscape/security lighting


Housing Scholarship and Maintenance Fund

  • Establishment of housing scholarship(s) to address the needs of current and potential members.
  • Establishment of Capital Reserve Endowment for future repairs/replacements, etc.


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