In 1997, the University of Oklahoma’s Delta Tau Delta chapter desperately needed to renovate their chapter house. After 30 years without remodeling, time has taken a toll on the Shelter. From 1998-2000, DTD’s fraternity fundraising efforts allowed the chapter to:

  • Redesign the Shelter's facade for a more traditional appearance

  • Correct drainage problems and renovate landscaping in the courtyard

  • Expand with the addition of a club/living room to bridge the sleeping corridors

  • Repurpose living room into a library/study

  • Upgrade study rooms for access to current technology

  • Create a second entry that for heavy pedestrian traffic from campus while allowing the front entry to serve formal traffic patterns

  • Enhance the interior with new carpeting and paint

  • Modify and improve the housemother's quarters

  • Address the requirements of ADA by enhancing accessibility

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