For FarmHouse fraternity at the University of Nebraska, a necessary facility upgrade and addition addressed the issues of the house’s structural needs, increased competition, and the physical, educational, and communication technology needs of the members. Through a fraternity capital campaign and fraternity fundraising, they were able to:

  • Provide an environment in the chapter house which emphasizes the importance of academics via additional study room space, a computer room, and a study hall

  • Provide an infrastructure to meet long-term communication technology needs through computer access to the University system, an on-site computer facility, and easy access for technological improvements and upgrades

  • Provide a larger, accessible, and healthy environment with a new food service and dining facility on the first floor

  • Expand the facility by approximately 7,500 square feet so the entire membership can live in the chapter house

  • By increasing the square footage per man and changing from the current 4-man rooms to 3-man rooms, they were able to provide increased living space for each member to better compete with alternative campus living options

  • Provide mechanical and electrical systems to economically and reliably meet the needs of 75-85 members; reduce future maintenance costs

  • Replace the old roof with a pitched roof to decrease the frequency of repair and replacement as well as enhance the look of the chapter house

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