The 22,500-square-foot Kappa Alpha home at the University of Alabama, designed by Fitts Architects, will focus on providing a competitive physical structure for attracting top members. This will be done with a more practical layout, additional student rooms, expanded dining and social facilities, and modern technology, utility, and security systems. Through a capital fundraising campaign, their aim is a high-quality, durable facility in a prime location that will provide a safe living and learning environment for decades to come.

Dining Room

A central point in the fraternity experience, the new dining facility will provide ample room for 100 brothers to eat comfortably in one location at the same time. The flow will also allow more practical use of the space for alumni, parents, and gameday events at the house.

Living Area

One of the main emphases in this new home is providing enough room for the chapter members to enjoy the common spaces. They have outgrown their cherished home, but the tradition of having everyone under one roof to allow alumni, parents, guests, and undergraduate brothers to socialize at reunions, family weekends, and game days is crucial.

Student Rooms (Occupancy: 18)

The second floor will include 18 single-man, fully-furnished rooms with two group bathrooms and a laundry room. With the increased space provided in this new building, they are able to increase the usable common room space for the brothers and visitors.

Fire Safety, Security and ADA Compliance

Careful planning ensures that the new home will meet or exceed all disability access and safety codes, including a fire-suppression system throughout the house and state-of-the-art security system. The house will also have full elevator access to be ADA compliant.

Chapter Room

As they grow and think bigger with their new home, it’s important to increase the space for their brothers-only room.

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