The Alpha Sigma Chapter initiated a $1.4 million project to expand, refurbish and modernize the second and third floors, including all of the bedrooms, bathrooms, and sleeping porches to ensure a rewarding educational experience and to meet the needs of college women today and for the future.

  • Remove existing radiators and upgrade heating system

  • Add new air exchange cooling system

  • Remodel and refurbish bathrooms, using proper lighting, durable materials, upgraded plumbing, and state-of-the-art water efficient fixtures

  • Install new hardwood floors with carpet accents

  • Convert inefficient space into open, usable square footage

  • Move all sleeping dorms to third floor

  • Install double-pane windows to increase energy efficiency

  • Upgrade electrical systems and redesign lighting

  • Upgrade fire alarm system

  • Provide expansion capacity to meet the needs for future growth

  • Move all residents to the second- and third-floor private areas

  • Provide adequate space in study rooms for each member

  • Provide new furnishings in each room, including desks, dressers, and armoires

  • Increase usable living space, including a gathering area for women to interact and relax

  • Add four study rooms

  • Expand to three sleeping dorms of various sizes to accommodate all members

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