Through careful study, assessment, and planning, the Alpha Gamma alumni leadership has developed a capital campaign and renovation plan to address the long-term viability of the Kappa Sigma chapter house at the University of Illinois. Our goal is to restore our historic house to provide a safe and competitive environment while maintaining our heritage at 212 E. Daniel. The renovation plan will provide a competitive and attractive chapter house that retains the historical beauty and charm of our campus home. By adding six rooms in the third-floor dorm, we will have approximately 32 individual sleeping rooms. Nine or more of these rooms will be oversized and could easily accommodate two brothers, bringing our house capacity to 41.


  • Convert third-floor dorm into eight bedrooms, one storage closet, and additional space allocated for third-floor bathroom

  • Complete renovation to second- and third-floor bathrooms

  • Kitchen and dining room renovated for modern food service preparation, storage, and service flow

  • Central air conditioning system

  • Updated sleeping rooms

  • Update electrical, plumbing, sprinkler, heating, and mechanical systems

  • Update or replace exterior patios and related drainage systems

  • Redesign of back patio area to incorporate more permanent seating, better mix of grass and brick patios, and the barbecue area

  • Repair or replace steps and sidewalks in tandem with work on patios

  • Install modern access systems and related security systems.

  • Repair and repaint fire escapes fto manage rust

  • Repair and/or replace roof and gutters

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