The Greek Literary Association and Beta-Gamma undergraduate leadership have developed a solid plan to address the long-term viability of the Kappa Sigma experience on the University of Missouri campus. Through careful study, assessment, and planning, it has been determined that a complete renovation to the house is necessary, and the fraternity must invest in the home to meet the needs of today’s students. Working with Brother Frank Oddo ’55 and Oddo Development, a plan has been created that will provide a safe and competitive facility. An emphasis will be placed on maintaining the historical integrity of the house while providing a safe and attractive environment for the chapter. The plan will bring the facility into compliance with all disability, safety, and fire code requirements. The Greek Literary Association has placed a special emphasis on the use of practical and durable building materials, finishes, and fixtures. The goal is a high-quality, durable facility that will provide a safe living and learning environment for many years.

  • Fifty-five-man occupancy

  • Complete exterior and interior renovation

  • New heating and air-conditioning system for greater energy efficiency and temperature regulation

  • New plumbing and electrical systems

  • Address mandatory life-safety issues with sprinklers, solid core doors, and a lift elevator for full compliance with code specifications

  • Repair roof to prevent leakage and damage to the facility

  • Install new windows on lower level and first floor

  • Renovate bathrooms

  • Provide ample study space, including areas for individual and group study, as well as wireless Internet access; lighting will be replaced and rewired to enhance study areas

  • Make basic site improvements, including but not limited to parking lot, basketball court, property lighting, landscaping and sprinkler system; all will complement the rebuilt house

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