While the experience is certainly more than the physical structure, the chapter house for Phi Delta Theta at the University of Missouri undoubtedly plays a significant role in the development of their brothers. The home at 101 E. Burnam has been a part of Missouri Alpha Chapter’s legacy for more than 60 years and is definitely showing its age. Because of a successful capital fundraising campaign, the following improvements include:

  • Installation of full fire suppression system

  • Additional educational and common space to promote academics and brotherhood

  • Kitchen and cafeteria renovation: new appliances and fixtures, improvements to dining area

  • Common area renovation: new carpet, new furniture, tile, paint, and bathrooms

  • Redesign of fire/burglar alarm system

  • Landscaping improvements

  • Event room new addition

  • Improvements to chapter room and preservation of MO Alpha awards and traditions

  • Remodel of housemother’s apartment

  • Complete redesign of dormitory room layout, transition to one- and two-man suites

  • Sleeping capacity of 69, including presidential and vice presidential suite

  • Complete bathroom remodel: semi-private design with new fixtures and equipment

  • Addition of study areas within dormitory section

  • Central air conditioning and heating to replace outdated boiler system

  • Plumbing and electrical system replacement

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