The Board of Chapter Advisors, MS FIJI Inc., and the active chapter leadership have developed a solid plan to address the long-term viability of the Sigma Mu chapter experience on the Mississippi State campus. Through careful study, assessment, and planning, it has been determined that the fraternity must invest in the following three core areas. The basic infrastructure of the house is dependent on equipment that is nearing the end of its useful life. They also need to gain efficiencies in energy consumption to minimize monthly expenses. Any funds raised over the debt retirement goal will be designated for the following needs:

  • Replace main water heater with on-demand heating system.

  • Gut renovation of kitchen and floor drainage systems.

  • Update stove and appliances.

  • Replace doors and windows to restrict access during off hours.

  • Secure the perimeter of the property with working gates and keypad locks.

  • Replace the HVAC system servicing the rooms in the dormitory portion of the house.

  • Increase energy efficiency to reduce long-term maintenance costs by replacing windows, doors and adding insulation.

  • Resolve rain flooding into party room by addressing landscape drainage issues.

  • Remediate termite damage as encountered.

  • Replace the downstairs recessed partition that separates the dining and living areas.

  • Create new outdoor spaces around the shuttle stop and the grill area to more fully utilize the footprint of the property.

  • Renovate and update resident rooms with enhanced electrical and network connectivity.

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