Since 1883, the Tau Deuteron Chapter of Phi Gamma Delta has been a leader on the University of Texas campus. With more than 3,100 initiates, Tau Deuteron boasts the most initiates of any fraternity at the University of Texas and any Phi Gamma Delta chapter. It is time for a fraternity capital campaign, followed by a major renovation.

While the housing corporation has been diligent about maintaining the 110-year old historical landmark, the chapter house no longer adequately meets the needs of the chapter’s 180 active members. For Texas Fiji to maintain its impressive record of accomplishment, the Tau Deuteron graduate leadership developed a solid plan to address the long-term viability of the Fiji experience on the UT campus.

Through careful study, assessment, and planning, the housing corporation determined that modernizing the existing chapter was necessary, as well as the new construction of a 22,000-square-foot facility containing 6,000-square feet of additional living space, a 2,385-square-foot multipurpose room, 60+ vehicle parking spots on two underground levels, and a maintenance endowment. The $5,500,000 project includes:

Modernize the Chapter House

  • Remove third floor bedrooms to expand Chapter Room

  • Update the dorm rooms and living areas with new carpet and paint

  • Enhance the TV room

  • Update the HVAC and clean the ducts

  • Create a $500,000 Maintenance Endowment

  • Provide partial funding for the capital maintenance and repair

  • Ensure technological and educational components of the facility are properly maintained

  • Free additional funds for maintenance and physical plant, while keeping rent charged to members competitive on the University of Texas campus

  • Build 6,000-Square-Foot Additional Living Space

  • 20+ single occupancy rooms

  • Additional laundry space

  • Construct a Multipurpose Room

  • Men’s and women’s restrooms

  • 2,896-square-foot outdoor terrace area to connect to the chapter house

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