A dedicated group of Phi Kappa Psi, Beta chapter alumni at Indiana University studied the physical state of the chapter house at 1200 North Jordan Avenue with the intent of proceeding with a full-scale renovation. These alumni were charged with identifying improvements that could be made to the facility to make it more competitive with living options on campus and to meet the demands of the students of tomorrow. With an aggressive capital fundraising campaign and working with an architect, it became apparent that building new was a better choice than renovating the existing house. The plans and projects help illustrate and explain the intent to create a chapter house that places emphasis on expanding and enhancing the educational and personal experiences offered by membership in Phi Kappa Psi—and maintaining Indiana Beta’s rich tradition.

  • Dedicated academic space

  • Dedicated dining and social space

  • Flexible chapter room and large group meeting space

  • House director’s apartment

  • Capacity of 80 live-in members

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