The Order of Cardinal Mercier has engaged the architectural services of Cunningham & Associates, which specializes in Greek housing, to develop plans for a renovation and expansion to the Phi Kappa Theta chapter house at Missouri Science & Technology that will address their long-term challenges. A feasibility study was conducted to provide insight into the financial projections. Volunteers with a wealth of personal and professional experience regarding construction and financing are involved to guide this project. In all areas, the architect has been instructed to be mindful of budget constraints as well as mandatory building and fire code requirements. In addition, they placed a special emphasis on the use of practical and durable building materials, finishes, and fixtures to withstand high-volume use over a number of years.


  • New plumbing and bathroom facilities on all levels

  • Life-safety features, including a fire sprinkler system throughout the house

  • Improved stairwells for safer egress at each level

  • Handicapped-accessible lift with access between main floor and ground floor

  • New HVAC system

  • New front entrance from State Street to restore heritage

  • Electronic learning and living rooms

  • Dining room capacity expanded to accommodate at least 68 members

  • Upgraded kitchen and serving facilities

  • Chapter office

  • Bedroom accommodations for 14 with 7 two-man rooms

  • Bedroom accommodations for 40 with 18 two-man rooms and 1 four-man suite

  • Group study room with conference table

  • Small TV lounge

  • Laundry facility

  • Bedroom accommodations for 14 with 5 two-man rooms and1 four-man suite

  • Activity room with open space for recreation and chapter meetings

  • Laundry facility

  • Kitchenette area

  • Storage space

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