For the first time at the University of Tennessee, sororities will be allowed to build stand-alone residential chapter houses in what will be called a sorority village. The sorority village will be located at the southeast corner of Neyland Drive and Cumberland Avenue across from the University’s Visitor Center. The facilities will be funded by each chapter’s sorority fundraising efforts. Each sorority has turned in a pro forma to the university. Each group is responsible for their own house design; each conforming to architectural guidelines set forth by the University.

First Floor

  • Inviting reception hall with sweeping majestic staircase

  • A multi-function Chapter room

  • Computer/study areas

  • Two living areas

  • Storage areas

Second Floor

  • House director suite

  • Executive office

  • State of the art kitchen

  • Formal dining room with seating for 60

  • Large patio for outdoor dining adjacent to dining room

Third Floor

  • Bedrooms

  • Bathrooms

  • Laundry facilities

  • Lounge area

Also included is an ADA compliant bedroom and bathroom. A sprinkler system will be installed along with elevator and other ADA-compliant features. The house will be built using sustainable materials to meet UT energy and environmental requirements and will be compatible with University technology guidelines.

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