While the Psi Upsilon experience at the University of Chicago is certainly more than the bricks and mortar of the chapter house, our home undoubtedly plays a significant role in the development of our brothers and as a proud symbol of shared values and goals.

Built in 1916, 5639 S. University Avenue has been a part of Omega’s legacy for 98 years and is showing its age. It has become clear that a capital campaign is needed for a major investment in the chapter house.


  • Fire Detection & Suppression

  • Upgrade Front Stairs to Fire Code

  • Repair Fire Escape

  • Install Fireproof Study Room Doors

  • Masonry & Exterior Ornamentation

  • Parking Lot upgrade

  • Landscaping & Aesthetics

  • Repair & Refinish Oak Paneling

  • Repair & Refinish Wood Floors

  • Repair Tile Floors

  • Repair Plaster Walls & Ceilings

  • Replace 2nd & 3rd Floor Ceiling Lights

  • Living Room Furniture

  • Replace Heating System

  • Install Air Conditioning System

  • Upgrade Electrical System

  • New Insulation

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