Ensuring the academic success of its members and assisting the University of Idaho’s Sigma Alpha Epsilon chapter in recruiting quality men have always been top goals of the fraternity. Idaho Alpha needed a $2 million renovation in order to continue to achieve those goals, and a successful fraternity fundraising campaign made the following renovations possible:

  • Study room and a senior study room with adjacent bathrooms

  • New guest bathroom, coat closet, and archive room

  • Added bathroom to former study room/radio room

  • Remodeled main floor

  • Demolished walls and reconstructed/insulated all study rooms

  • Relocated freshman sleeping porch to the addition

  • Remodeled bathrooms

  • Added four study rooms to replace freshman and sophomore sleeping porches

  • Relocated the sophomore/junior sleeping porch to the addition

  • Transformed former upperclassman sleeping porch into senior sleeping porch

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