The SAE Club of Columbia, Missouri, (House Corporation) recruited an experienced team of alumni of the University of Missouri to serve on a building committee, led by Bruce Studer ’70. With over 40 years of experience as a project manager in construction of multi-family, residential, and commercial properties, Bruce was the perfect candidate to lead their efforts. They engaged the architectural services of Stuart Scroggs to develop plans for a renovation to the chapter house that will address long-term challenges. Volunteers with a wealth of personal and professional experience regarding construction and financing are involved to guide this project. In all areas, the architect has been instructed to be mindful of budget constraints, as well as mandatory building and fire code requirements. In addition, they have placed a special emphasis on the use of practical and durable building materials, finishes, and fixtures to withstand high-volume use over a number of years. Through a capital fundraising campaign, the following improvements were completed:


  • Repair, replace, and tuckpoint exterior masonry

  • Clean, repair, and seal front columns

  • Repave driveway and parking lot, repair sidewalk and steps

  • Replace roof and vinyl siding

  • Upgrade porches, add deck off Century Room

  • Enclose and convert fire escape into a stairwell tower

  • Install fire sprinkler system mandated by the City of Columbia

  • Upgrade infrastructure systems (electrical, plumbing)

  • Install central HVAC system to replace outdated boiler/ radiator system

  • Renovate foyer, Williamsburg Room, Century Room, dining room, and chapter room

  • Replace floor coverings, walls, ceilings, windows and lighting as needed through the house

  • Complete ADA-compliant requirements, including lower level bedroom/bathroom and a lift

  • Renovate and modernize all bedrooms

  • Lower level – 5 two-man rooms (occupancy = 10)

  • Second floor – 1 one-man room, 17 two-man rooms, and 1 three-man room (occupancy = 38)

  • Third floor – 1 one-man room, 11 two-man rooms, and 3 three-man rooms (occupancy = 32)

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