The Delta Delta House Corporation board's aim for Sigma Chi’s presence at Purdue University was a high-quality durable facility that will provide a safe living and learning environment for many years.  In addition to mandatory building and fire code requirements, the architects was instructed to place emphasis on providing ample study space and access to technology.


  • Shift sleeping accommodations from cold-air dorm to study/sleeping rooms with loft beds, work spaces, and dedicated personal storage.

  • Space for storage of seasonal items and large personal items

  • Separation of public spaces from study areas

  • Revised library and new computer facilities

  • New group study spaces

  • Small team study spaces

  • Dedicated presentation room

  • Code-compliant stair towers

  • Proper fire exits, sprinkler system, automatic smoke detection system, and manual alarm devices

  • Enhanced commercial-grade food preparation, storage, and serving areas

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