While safe and sound, Alpha Psi’s current facility was substandard when compared to other fraternities and housing options on Vanderbilt University’s campus. The House Corporation embarked on a $1.75 million fraternity fundraising plan to create a high-quality fraternity house that will withstand heavy use for many years and restore pride in the house.

Areas of Major Renovation:

  • New south façade, supported by Greek columns

  • Useful front-entrance courtyard

  • Brick seat walls to define the entrance patio

  • East side elevator shaft

  • ADA accessibility

  • Safety code deficiencies addressed

  • Enclosed internal stairwells with fire-rated doors

  • Expanded living room with new display casework on the east, north, and west walls

  • New foyers on the southeast and southwest corners

  • New electrical, mechanical, and plumbing systems

  • New windows, lighting, and finishes

  • About 1,250 square feet added

  • Separate rooms for mechanical equipment, electrical equipment, and storage

  • Two new ADA-compliant restrooms will be added.

  • Bathrooms refurbished with ADA-compliant fixtures

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