The Delta Tau alumni and undergraduate leadership of Sigma Nu at Oregon State University have developed a solid plan to address the long-term viability of the Sigma Nu experience on campus. Through careful study, assessment, and planning, it has been determined that updates and maintenance to the chapter house are necessary, and the fraternity must invest in a capital fundraising campaign for the home to meet the needs of today’s students. A renovation committee consisting of eight alumni and one undergraduate met for four months, taking into consideration undergraduate requests, housing competition on campus, and alumni feedback to develop the renovation plan for the future of the Delta Tau house.


  • Complete ADA code and safety repairs

  • Renovate second- and third-floor bathrooms and fix leaks

  • Convert old TV room to study rooms and add an ADA-compliant bathroom to meet code

  • Refurbish one study room to use as a model for phase II renovation to show current and prospective members the future of their living space

  • Make Internet upgrades throughout the house, including dedicated high-speed cables and wi-fi

  • Renovate second- and third-floor study rooms and hallways to maximize occupancy with new flooring, custom designed storage, and provide more electrical outlets

  • Renovate kitchen plumbing and light fixtures (phase I of remodel)

  • Renovate the basement to be a multi-use space supporting activities such as study groups, LEAD programs, and video teleconferencing

  • Inspect and repair settling of the west wall

  • Purchase new mattresses for the sleeping porch to allow for more space in the bunks

  • Renovate living room by replacing sheetrock/plaster and wainscoting, lowering the ceilings to cover the sprinkler system, and replacing furniture to create a welcoming common space

  • Renovate dining room to provide electrical outlets, drop the ceilings to cover piping, and replace sheetrock and wainscoting to match the living room

  • Refurbish entryway with new flooring

  • Remodel kitchen storage area, add new countertops, and refinish cabinets to maximize the useful space (phase II of remodel)

  • Make electrical upgrades throughout the house to meet the needs of today’s students

  • Renovate sleeping porch to maximize space with new low-profile mattresses and reconfigure bunks

  • Repaint the exterior of the house

  • Renovate first-floor alumni room and add alumni memorabilia

  • Replace all windows throughout the house with new double-pane, UV, durable composite models with embedded mullions to provide a historic look and increase energy efficienc

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