The goal of the capital campaign is to create a new Sigma Nu chapter house that will maintain the classic look of the old house, yet stand as one of the finest fraternity houses at the University of Missouri. The long-term viability of Rho Chapter is solidified with this plan:

  • Three-story house with communal space on the first floor and lower level, and bedroom suites on the second and third floors

  • Total occupancy of 64

  • First floor includes dining room, kitchen, formal lounge, informal lounge, housemother’s apartment, communal restrooms, and exterior front porch with side terrace

  • Lower level includes lecture hall, study room, social room, laundry facilities, mechanical room, communal restrooms, and exterior access

  • Second and third floors include suite-style two-man rooms, a total of 32 beds on each floor

  • Centralized HVAC system

  • Wireless technology and high-speed internet

  • Lecture hall

  • State of the art security system

  • Fire, life safety and ADA-compliant upgrades

  • Increased parking capacity

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