While the Colorado State University Gamma experience is certainly more than the bricks and mortar of their Sigma Phi Epsilon chapter house, it undoubtedly plays a significant role in the development of undergraduate brothers and serves as a proud symbol of shared values and goals.

Built in 1929, 121 East Lake Street has been a part of Colorado’s legacy for 78 years. Through good stewardship the house has lasted over 84 years, but it has become necessary to make a major investment in the house. A successful fraternity fundraising campaign will allow the following planned improvements:

  • Restore/repair/paint house exterior

  • Refurbish/replace all wood windows and doors

  • Reinstall new historically accurate wooden balustrade

  • New balcony deck at library above the kitchen

  • Repair vertical foundation cold joint between original house and kitchen addition (north)

  • Analyze foundation/wall structure of kitchen for accommodation of library

  • Demolish roof structure above kitchen and add new vaulted ceiling second-story addition above kitchen

  • Install new roof with ice shield, flashings, gutters, and downspouts

  • Repair grading in front of house  

  • ADA-compliant concrete ramps

  • Rework retaining wall and sidewalk to meet City code

  • Upgrade landscaping and add trash and bicycle enclosures

  • Replace existing mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems

  • Abate any asbestos and lead paint

  • New Internet communication system

  • New security system

  • New floor, wall, and ceiling finishes - restore historic architectural details as feasible

  • New millwork and cabinetry

  • Sealed, timer-controlled gas fireplace inserts in living room, chapter room, and library

  • Refurbish kitchen walk-in cooler and install new dishwasher, ice maker, range hood, and reach-in freezer

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