Over 35 years ago, the chapter house was built at 801 Park Street. The ability to house a strong chapter in a first-class facility clearly created an environment of excellence that produced prominent campus leaders and intramural champions for many years.

Ensuring the academic success of its members and assisting the chapter in recruiting quality men have always been top goals of alumni and undergraduate members. However, the fraternity home needs our attention now. It was determined that a fraternity fundraising effort and renovation to the Chapter House is necessary to meet the needs of today’s Sigma Phi Epsilon students. This effort will:

  • Create a safe living environment to meet current safety codes, including an added stairwell/exit for the upper floors

  • Add 2,675 sq. ft. of new floor space

  • Update facility for ADA accessibility

  • Make structural upgrades where necessary

  • Use suite concept to provide improved study conditions and increase privacy

  • Install new electrical/data/mechanical/plumbing systems as necessary

  • Install new windows, lighting, and finishes

  • Install air-conditioning system

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