The Oklahoma State University Alpha alumni and undergraduate leadership has developed a solid plan to address the long-term viability of the Sigma Phi Epsilon experience on the Oklahoma State University campus. Through a successful capital campaign, updates and maintenance to the chapter house will once again meet the needs of today’s students. The Oklahoma State Alpha AVC has developed a tactical approach to the future.

  • Total conditioned floor area of 17,500 sq. ft., at a ratio of 246 sq. ft./bed for 71 beds

  • The new dorm wing will allow for about 66 beds

  • The chapter wing and connector will contain the following floors/functions:

    • Third Floor, containing at least 4 beds for officers in

    • Executive suite, a study/meeting space with small balconies overlooking the dining courtyard, an office overlooking the front porch, and ancillary storage/mechanical spaces.

    • First Floor, elevated about 3’ above grade, containing the RLC suite, library, study lounge with balconies overlooking the dining courtyard, mail room, coat closet, bathrooms, storage, and stairways.

    • Basement Level, 7’ below grade, with dining/meeting space for the entire chapter, kitchen and pantry, laundry, bathrooms, storage, and mechanical spaces.

  • Window wells allow for natural light and views and access to the dining courtyard

  • A chimney stack on the west side will provide for gas fireplaces on each level

  • A five-stop elevator will ensure ADA code compliance

  • A large front porch will announce the building entrance on the north side and provide for additional outdoor living space overlooking the homecoming court

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