Since 1912, the University of Michigan has felt the strong presence of Sigma Phi Epsilon. However, the Fraternity lost an irreplaceable piece of its history when the Chapter House burned down in the 1990s. Following the loss of this cornerstone, Michigan Alpha leased several facilities to house the chapter. After a successful capital campaign, the Michigan Alpha AVC purchased a church building near the heart of Michigan’s central campus.

  • The building contains 15,560 square feet of space on three floor levels. For the proposed 44-bed capacity, this represents 354 square feet of space per bed—an excellent ratio for support space and cost efficiency. Multiple sleeping room sizes, location, and configuration offer flexibility for brothers’ room selection.

  • The two floors of the educational wing allow for 24 beds, in a 1/2/3 bed per room configuration, with separate access from the parking area.

  • The original parlor (rounded portion) allow for three suites of four beds each, one on each floor level, again with relatively separate access.

  • The rear portion of the sanctuary was converted to a separate wing with four 2-bed rooms, also with separate access from the parking area or the side lobby.

  • The original sanctuary, with vaulted ceiling and trusses, was preserved as the dramatic Chapter Room for meetings, study, classroom, lounge, etc.

  • The existing kitchen, with adjacent dining/event space, allows for a full meal plan with minimal initial cost and ease of access from separate stairways.

  • Event activities in the basement allow for social programs to occur with minimal impact on the sleeping rooms/study spaces.

  • The existing site provides at least 14 off-street parking spaces—more than double the zoning code requirement. Ample room inside and out for bicycle storage.

  • Renovations include new mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems, to minimize maintenance costs for the initial years of occupancy, and provide the Chapter with new, energy-efficient bathroom/shower fixtures.

  • The entire building is equipped with a fire sprinkler system, enhancing life safety for the occupants and minimizing casualty insurance costs.

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