Although structurally sound, living quarters and bathroom remodeling, life and safety upgrades, and heating/cooling system renovations were long overdue for the University of Nebraska’s Alpha Chapter. By running a successful capital campaign and completing the renovation, Nebraska Alpha will be able to continue to provide high quality educational and efficient living space to further the Sigma Phi Epsilon experience for years to come.

  • Renovation of the living quarters into study/sleep suites to maximize academic and personal space

  • Upgraded electrical and communication wiring to accommodate the present and future technological needs of residents (computers, printers, Internet access, etc.)

  • Renovation of the plumbing systems including pipe replacement and water heating/cooling system modifications as well as replacement of radiator heating/cooling system with a forced-air unit and controls on each floor

  • Restoration of the exterior characteristics: completed the roof renovation and replacement of windows

  • Upgraded the life-safety features including egress modifications, and installation of a fire sprinkler system

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