The Alpha Iota alumni and undergraduate leadership at Missouri Science and Technology have developed a solid plan to address the long-term viability of the Sigma Pi experience on

the Missouri S&T campus. Funded by a fraternity fundraising effort, a completely new structure is necessary to not only address size and space limitations, but ensure the chapter house meets the needs of members today and in the future. Working with Chiodini Architects in St. Louis, Missouri, the Alpha Iota Building Association developed a tactical approach to our future. This plan includes demolition of the existing buildings to build a singular home for the Alpha Iota Chapter while maximizing space for parking and brotherhood areas.


  • Demolition of the existing buildings on Sigma Pi property

  • Maximize available space to consolidate into one single property

  • with a “campus feel”

  • Increase housing from 9,307 (annex and main house) to

  • 19,750 total square feet

  • Increase occupancy from 47 to 65 members

  • The new house will feature two- and three-man bedrooms

  • Provide dedicated educational space on each floor and common

  • spaces for fraternal activities

  • A fire pit area for brotherhood events and additional parking

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