With the eminent closure of Jefferson Avenue’s access to University Boulevard, the Alpha Phi House Corporation has concluded that a new facility is inevitable. An improved location, parking, live-in capacity, layout, modern life safety, security and utility systems, and to simply remain competitive in new member recruitment are imperatives Theta Chi at the University of Alabama cannot pass up.

Alpha Phi alumni leadership has put together a two-phase plan to keep Theta Chi in the top level of Alabama fraternity housing.

The House Corporation has been working with the University to establish a plan that will meet the needs of the Chapter and support the grand vision of Alabama’s campus master plan. Once new land becomes available, the leadership will begin Phase 2, construction of a new home.

Phase I will focus on three critical components:

  • Keep the current facility safe and desirable for its residents and guests and an asset that will have the highest resale value later

  • Financial stabilization

  • Provide a maintenance endowment for proper upkeep and repairs

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