Through months of careful study, assessment, and planning, the Alpha Alumni Association has developed plans to conduct a major renovation of the chapter house at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Following a successful fraternity fundraising campaign, the project will provide essential renovations to improve the infrastructure and charm of this Theta Xi house. In all areas, the architects have been instructed to address mandatory building and fire code requirements. Thanks to our historic designation by the State of New York and our partnership with the Society for the Preservation of Greek Housing, a 501(c)(3) foundation, the largest contributions to the campaign are eligible to be made on a tax-deductible basis.


  • Install sprinkler system

  • Complete asbestos abatement

  • Install permanent smoke and fire alarm system in all bedrooms

  • New hardwood floors and new basement floor

  • Replace/update electrical and fixtures as needed

  • Repair formal room carpet

  • Refinish walls and ceilings

  • Full structural repair of stairs

  • Renovate first floor bathroom to match upstairs bathroom quality and style

  • Complete installation of new tile for the walls and floors

  • Stalls to match showers

  • Replace sinks, countertops, and lavatories

  • Complete plumbing update and rehabilitation

  • Repair and update walls, doors, HVAC, electrical and phone/Internet as needed

  • New layout for third floor to conform to building and safety codes and regulations

  • Repair as needed to address health and safety, wear and tear and usability issues

  • New wall tile, refinish floor

  • New appliances as needed

  • Update and repair/replace plumbing and electrical

  • Architect

  • Project management

  • Fundraising expenses

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